Click Events in Web UI

We need to use JS to generate clicks on cameras in multi-view mode (i.e., when a “1” is pressed in mult-view, Camera 1 is clicked and expands. Another example: when in single-camera mode, to click on the left-right buttons (Chevrons) to cycle through cameras). We briefly looked at the code and the HTML elements for the cameras do not appear to have IDs nor on-click events within them. Presumably the JS in use parses the ID somehow to display (or maybe just adds an element expanding the parent), but its all minified of course. We are trying to avoid deeper investigation - could you shed some light on how to “simulate the mouse click” in JS? Hope this makes sense! Thanks in advance.

I understand what you want to do, but have no idea how to solve that. The cameras have ID´s. If you do a right-click and open in a tab you have the ID and Token for each camera, numbered from 0 and up.
Just some creative suggestions. There are several programs out there that simulate mouse clicks. Maybe something. When you do a right click on the video open it in new tab and the image will be large. In single view make sure that mjpeg is selected first to have the stream running. Jpeg is only one image.
For cycle videos …