Client won't connect locally

I’ve been using version 1.9.2 without problem for some time now.
It’s mostly a background task I seldom check, except when on holidays…
I checked today and… the client was asking my username and password (it’s always been automatic). After starting the server, I notice the version was ‘obsolete’. Update to version 1.9.5 OK, server working, but the client still asks me for my credentials and won’t accept the one I enter.
Is there something I’m missing ?

Well, check the Access Control if something changed.

Thanks for answering so fast.
I’ve been trying some things : it seems the service wasn’t started !
I started it manually and everything seems ok now.
I’ll have to check why the service hadn’t started automatically…

OK, I answer myself…
Because NCS was hanging my computer startup I had turned the service start mode to delayed and everything was working like I wanted. With this new version it seems delayed start delays forever… so I turned it back to automatic and the service starts just fine.
I’m back to ‘normal’ NCS operation.

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