Coexistence NVR and netcam studio

I have a NCS server running on a PC connected with several cams through internet with custom URL ( rtsp url)
I have also a NVR (chinese no brand) on the same network than the cams connected with the same cams.
Everything is ok if NCS is running alone (without the NVR ).
As soon as I start the NVR when the NCS is running, the streaming in NCS is stopped .
If I stop the NVR, (without restarting the NCS server) the streaming in NCS server is ok again.

I don’t know what to do, I need the NVR to register evrything on the network on the remote site of the cams.
Thanks for your help,

Hi! Unfortunately, what you try to accomplish will not work. The camera that you use can only deliver one stream at a time to the NVR or to the computer running NCS. If you start with camera-NCS and everything is fine and then start the NVR, the NVR will take control over the stream and it will be camera-NVR. When you close the NVR it will go back. One can say that the camera is a singel user system. NCS and the NVR contains a web server that can handle many users. If you must have both NCS and NVR you must use cameras that can deliver 2 video streams, These cameras are usually called dual stream or multi stream cameras. When you set up NCS/NVR you use different URLs to contact the camera.

However, my basic question is why do you need both NCS and NVR? Normally, you connect the cameras to the NCS or the NVR and then let all the users contact NCS or NVR using a web client, a windows or a Mac client.

Another idea if you must have the files on both locations is to mirror the folder with the recorded files using NCS to a server on the other location.

Thanks for your anwser.
I agree with your explanation which is clear: one cam, one stream, one direct user NCS or NVR , several users through the NCS client…

But when I start the chinese CMS tool connected to all cams in parallell to the NVR already running and connected to the same cams , everything is ok!
I can see all the cams windows live view in CMS and in the NVR web pages.

According to your explanation, I suppose (but I am not sure) that the CMS tool and the NVR server use 2 differents streams for each cams: a TCP connexion for CMS (CMS is configured with a TCP port 34xxx) and a RTSP connexion (port 554) for the NVR .

I have the feeling that it is possible to run NCS in parallell with the NVR as with CMS and NVR.
and if I was able to connect my cam in NCS using the network camera brand instead of the custom mode with rtsp, may be it will work
but unfortunabely my cam are no-name chinese brand cams and I was not able to find out a similar brand and model which will fit with them .

To answer to your question, why I need NVR and NCS?
I want to use the NVR to register everyting on its internal HD and NCS to capture picture using MD on a server in order to reduce the load on the server which support NCS and to have the copy on 2 different disks. I am not sur that I cam capture at the same time pciture snapshot and video snapshot with MD using only NCS.

Finaly, If you don’t mind, I have a last question, from the performance, network load point of view, what do you think should be the best solution:
-running the NCS server on a local network where all the cams are located and accessing it through internet

  • running the NCS server on the remote site where the data are viewed and let NCS accessing to the cams through internet. .

Sorry for my english and thanks again for your help

Interesting. Most likely the NVR and the CMS use different URLs to connect to the cams. The CMS probably use the MJPEG over TCP and with the port you mention and NVR use the h.264 stream on port 554. You can probably run NCS and NVR in parallell. Do you know xxx in port number 34xxx? Can you enter in the camera setup from the CMS or web interface to figure that out?

Then I suggest you add the camera in NCS using the Custom URL, set stream type to MJPEG and the URL to http://username:password@ipnumer:portnumer/ and check if it works. You maybe need to write something more after portnumber/ … and usually that info is in the setup in the camera.

For your last question I would recommend the first choice running NCS and cams on the local network. It depends on how many cameras you use and also on the upload speed of the Internet connection. Video from IP cams usually generates a lot of traffic on the LAN and that traffic will also need to pass your router and the Internet connection if you pick the second choice. In all may systems I have NCS and cams on the same LAN and access NCS from outside using the web client or the client for the mobile app.
Good luck! -Henrik

Most cameras offer different type of streams (maybe 2 profiles of RTSP and 1 profile of JPEG/MJPEG). Some will not accept 2 RTSP connections at the same time however you maybe still have possibility to connect either the NVR or NCS in JPEG or MJPEG (which will provide a slower refresh rate).

Maybe just a firmware upgrade on the cameras may also help and allow more connections.

Usually it’s always better to have NCS as close as possible to the cameras (local network where the cameras are located).

I forgot, please report back how it goes since it is an interesting case and we can all learn. -Henrik

Thanks again for your support, of course I will give you my feedback if I succeed to solve my config probleme to be able to use NCS in parallel to the NVR connected with my chinese cams.

Currently I am still investigating how to connect the cams with NCS without a rtsp stream.

In addition to my previous tests, I would like to say that a direct http/tcp connection with the cam server ( and then display the video) ils also working but I don’t kon the styream used by CMS.

To summarize my config:
the remort site where the cams are located is accessed through a no-ip internet address ( and port forwarding to the different cams.
each cam is configured with a local IP address adress, for example the first cam is and 3 ports: httpport 8255 , rtsp port 554 . a tcp port 34255 (I suppose only used by CMS engine?) ,
for example is forwarded to the cams, port 8255 is forwarded to the cams, port 554 (rtsp) is forwarded to the cams, port 3255(rtsp)

the rtsp connexion with NCS or VLC is done with the cam 255 with the custom style mode rtps , address: rtsp://

The results of the tests are:
1-runinng NCS + rtps stream 554 (with address above) and NVR +rtsp stream 554 is not OK.
2_running NCS + rtsp stream 554 and a direct http connection with the cam using port 8244 (htp;// and then manually start the video through the CMS interface OK.
3-NCS + rtsp stream 554 and CMS + video stream though the CMS http interface OK (port 8255 or 34255?).

4- NCS + rtps 554 and online device manager rtps stream 554 nok
So the problem is not CMS or NVR but to find out the tcp stream as suggested before by Henrik.

Unfortunately, I don’t know if there is a tool to find out the “tcp” stream, equivalent to the onvif online manager which give directly the rtsp stream path .
I have tried the suggestion of Henrik to find out this tcp stream manually and try to connect the cam in NCS with custom style address without rtsp like 'http://username:password@ipnumer:portnumber/ (using 8255, 34255, etc…) and after trying 10th of possibilities, using adresses given on the cam provider on the net but up to now with no sucess…
Still trying…But a big work …
I will say also that my NVR is not able to manage the MD of my chinses cams ( the parameters usedi n the NVR to configure the MD function are greyed).
Anyway, if I don’t succeed I will give the priority to NCS on a server located on the local cam network as you suggest and remove the NVR.
The NCS software is perfect for my usage (MD with snapshots) but in background I will also try to solve this problem because I am sur that it sould work and that will give a backup of all the video from the different cams.