Color Saturation

Yesterday I bought the 4 camera license, uninstalled the previous version and installed the latest along with my license. Night vision on all three cameras seemed to work fine but I noticed this morning all three feeds have a stong blue/yellow shade to them. All of the camera settings are at default (RGB) and this only happened AFTER i installed the newest version with my license.

Any thoughts?

Interesting. Which previous version did you use?
What cameras do you have?
In Settings - Decoding/Encoding you have Software_Internal. Change that to Software_VLC and see what happens.

Hi Henrik,

I don’t recall the previous version; I didn’t think to write it down prior to installing the paid version yesterday. My Decode setting were set to Software_VLC. I just switched it to Software_Internal and it seems to have fixed the issue.

New question though. Once I did that, I noticed my CPU usage while recording went up to %60-65. Is that normal usage for three cameras (2x 1080p and 1x 2688x1520). I’m running an Intel I5-8400, 16GB RAM and a Nvidia GT730

You have 2x2 + 1x4 MP cameras and they use a lot of CPU load. It depends very much on how many FPS that you send from the cameras to the computer to work with. Also, the FPS that you record with is also important. If you need to lower the CPU load look at these parameters.