Compatibility with Archeer 720P?


I have an Archeer 720P camera which I would like to use with the webcamXP The camera does not appear in the list, is there anything that can be done?

Thanks a lot.

Hi Marian,
Yes, it is possible to use it with WebcamXP. But, we need to find how to communicate with the camera. From the information I can see that it is 720p and it use compression h.264. So, most likely the URL to use is:

The question is what is xxxxxxxxx? That is the specific file for this camera to get video and audio into WebcamXP. I have searched the net for this camera, but I cannot find what I need. Do you have a manual fort his camera and are there any information about this there? Also, sometimes if you go to the configuration of the camera there are more information which URL to use.