Config options unavaliable

Some of the config options for my cameras are turned off and I can’t turn them on.

I can’t use:
Live Video Stream Encoder
MP3 Stream Encoder
FTP uploading settings
Mjpeg Stream Encoder

How can I get these options working?

Hi Matt!. The encoder settings are grayed out in my applications also. I am not sure if it is determined by cameras or available codes in the system. Do you want to change them for a specific reason?
For FTP upload setting the on/off is grayed out, but I can click on Add new to add another FTP Host.

I would like to change the encoder setting because the stream is quite low quality. It looks fine with a foscam IP input, good with a USB cam input but very poor with a Dahua IP input.

There must be a way to change the quality setting of the stream…

If it looks fine with Foscam and good with USB cam I would look into the settings of the camera. On more advanced cameras they sometimes have one stream for recording and one stream for viewing and they are usually with different quality. On Dahua site there are many cams so it is difficult to give a more precise answer. How do you add the camera to NCS? Another user had a 5 MP camera added with rtsp and that looked very well with standard settings.