Connected users explanation

Hello, i have a web server running NS 1.9.1 and just logged in to see the connected users and to my disbelief there are multiple admin logins current with ip’s i don’t recognize, I am the only one that knows the admin password and my public facing website that points to the mjpeg stream is sending clients to the public token. (i just verified to make sure)

Where are these connections coming from? it also doesn’t look like there is a lot going on with the connections either just that they are connected…
Any help appreciated.

I assume you are talking about embedded html code. Most likely you used the Admin account when you generated that code.
Create a user account that only have access to the camera you want to publish. Use that account when generating the html code.
The IP numbers are from the computers accessing the video stream.

Yes, the html embed code.

When i generated the token it was with a ‘public’ user account with the appropriate permissions, that’s why i’m surprised all the admin logins are present.

Should i create a new token and replace all existing to be safe?

The account you use for embeding code should only have access to the camera you whant to show and nothing else (no admin rights) on the website. The generated Token allows only login to that camera. I suggest you generate new code and replace old and see what happens.