Connecting to the Avigilon 4-Port H.264 Video Encoder model ENC-4P-H264

Hello- I’m attempting to connect an Avigilon 4-Port H.264 Video Encoder model (ENC-4P-H264). I can find it and view the cameras on it just fine with ONVIF Device Manager. However, none of them show up using the “Browse…” button in the “ONVIF Source” tab in Netcam Studio. If I manually enter the address and click the check box, nothing happens at all - no error, no message, no nothing.

I’m able to manually enter the address in the “Custom URL” tab and access the cameras that way, however, I’m curious if there’s a reason they don’t show up in the ONVIF Source tab in Netcam Studio and why nothing happens when I try to manually enter it into or use the “get profiles” button.

Does Netcam have issues connecting to Avigilon encoders?

I am glad you solved the problem! When this happens we recommend to use the ONVIF Device Manager to get the correct URL´s and paste them into the tab for Custom URL.
Even if both Netcam Studio and the actual device follow the ONVIF standard it just sometimes don’t work.
Manually entering the IP in the source filed and then click on Browse is not enough since the complete ONVIF Discover URL must be entered. That can also be found from ODM.
However, happy it works.

Is there still a way to use PTZ when it is manually entered like this? I can’t seem to control the camera through Netcam Studio whereas I can through Avigilon Control Center using the same encoder.

The Avigilon is an encoder, from analog to digital video. The control center is a proprietary software to control their own device and analog cameras. What they do with PTZ you must ask them about.
What you enter in the Custom URL is probably an URL rtsp://xxx that handles only video and audio. PTZ is a complete separate process. Softwares like Netcam Studio only work with TCP/IP devices.