Connection Problem from Mobile to server

Hi can you help me. I bought your 16 camera license few days ago , all is working on local LAN, but have some strange problem with connecting from WAN, using mobile Samsung or other telephone, I get the message connection refused, I can se the port forwarding is working now, because when I start or stop the server, I get notified on telephone this is happening, so the problem must lie in server computer, I have checked all I can think off, I tried turn off Firewall on PC and Virus program, so I think it must be the software it self denying access, but not sure.
Mest regards

Hi Michael,
Some things:
1.Port forward port 8100 in the router
2.A static public IP or a DDNS service to the router.
3.Make sure that you did not enable SSL when adding the server in the App.
4.Make sure that when you test from the WAN side that the cell phone is not on wifi.