Connection to edimax ic7112w

please excuse my bad english

webcam xp pro works with 6 Edimax IC 3115 and 1 Maginon ipc1. Last weak i buyed an Edimax IP Cam Model IC 7112 W. Webcam xp Pro can not connect to this camera with login and password. Edimax told me, that all newer IP cams got a new system.

I only can connect to the camera if I choose the user “anonymous”. Then i get a picture, but it is unpossible to change any settings in the cam. To do this, first I have to change the user in the cam und at once the picture in WebcamXP gets black . Testing the connection shows “http/1.1 401 unauthorized” on the screen.

I cannot update webcamxp pro, because the Maginon IPcam was removed from the list of supported cameras.

Yo can contact edimax 7112 as follows:
user: admin
pswd: 1234

Hi Marion!
English i perfect, no problems!
I just have a question about this:

  • The Edimax IC 3115 do not have a template so how do you connect that cam?

There must be a mistake about the Maginon ipc1. In the templates there is a camera named Mayginon ipc1. There is no camera with that name so it must be a spelling error so it is probably this Maginon ipc1.

Edimax IP Cam Model IC 7112 W do not have a Template so in must be added in another way. I logged into the camera and see that it has several RTSP settings depending on which resolution you want which is very good, see figure below.

To add this camera to webcam xp pro you need to install the Universal Source Filter. Here is more info on how you do that Universal Source Filter - Moonware Studios
The camera is connected like the figure below

For stream address you use:
for the highest resolution. See the first picture.

You can change password for the admin account as in the picture below to something else than 1234.

I tried to connect to the cam to my system, but I also need port 554 to be forwarded. Now it is only port 85. But, I do not see any problems. I have many Edimax cams in my systems and they are very easy to work with.

If you want to use Netcam Studio instead it would probably be much easier since the Universal Source Filter is already built into NCS: If you can connect Edimax IC 3115 in XP Pro you can do it in NCS also.

This is probably a little difficult to follow, but you had so many different questions and it can be done in several ways ;).

Finally, if the PTZ function is important for you it will not be available by using the above. Only video and audio will be in the XP Pro or NCS. To be able to also use PTZ we must analyze the stream from the camera and make a template since PTZ and video/audio use completely different ways to communicate with the software.

I am sure you have more questions so please come back when you have sorted some things out ;).

Hi Hendrik,

many Thanks for the quick answer.

the ic 3115 cams are connected as ic 3110. There are no problems since several years.

There is no mistake about m a g i n o n ipc 1. So it is written in the camera setup wizzard of webcam xp. If I select any model of MayGion the picture becomes and keeps dark.

How to change the password was not my problem.

I will try it again. Webcamxp pro can only connect to ic 7112w, if in the user settings of the camera anonymous login is enabled. Then I get a picture and it will be uploaded to my website as I want. But if I choose anonymous login, the ptz function is automatically disabled.

Solution 1: connection with my webbrowser, change settings (disable anonymous login) and ptz is automatically enabled. Than I have to add in the network camera setup wizard (side2) of webcamxp username and password. With this settings webcamxp cannot connect to the cam (http/1.1 401) and i get a black picture.

Solution 2: anonymous login enabled (webcam xp connected) and using ptz with my smartphone. This is what I’m doing now.

Solution 3: enable ptz with webcamxp. This is what I asked for

I connected you, because Edimax changed whatever in new cameras. So it will be be necassary to add the list of supported cameras to help me und other users.

with the best regards.

Thanks for your reply!
Yes, but with what do you connect the ic 7112w? Do you use the ic 7110 template? If I check the manual for 7110 the HD stream RTSP_TCP use the same URL for both cams. Admin/password is also handled the same.
I have old Edimax and ic2116 and there are no difference in how I connect to them. It seems that they have changed how they communicated the PTZ?
But use the Universal Source Filters which should give you the HD video stream with a user account at least.

We have added the Universal Source Filter just for the reason to make it much more simpler for users since no template is needed. Edimax need to go one step further and make their cameras comply with the ONVIF standard. That will really do it so much easier for their buyers.


Hi Henrik,

ic 7112w is connected as 7010ptn. I will try the universal source filters tomorrow.

In the picture you can see the difference betwenn Maginon and MayGion. My “updateproblem” does still exist.
In update Maginon is listet, in updates 580 and 590 Maginon is missing.

I will contact you tomorrow.


Usually we add templates and not remove them so probably a mistake. I have sent this to our developers the include again.

Hallo Henrik,

thank you very much for including Maginon again.

I followed your instructions. First I recognized, that there is no possibility to change the decoder type. I tried all solutions, I changed the " ; " before the port into an " : ", the result was allways the same: the sreen is black or white, there is no connection between webcamxppro an IC 7112.

If I understand you in the right way in your first reply, a connection with universal source filter doesn’t enable ptz function. That is why I testet the filter only to see, whether IC 7112w can understand webcam xp ore the other way around. I think the only solution is the building of a new template.

I will contact edimax again and send them your 2nd reply-

If you have no other idea, we can close this topic. It seems to be always the same: the user at last has no chance, if (in my case) edimax and webcam xp do not spark on the same wavelength.

Nevertheless I thank you for your efforts

with best regards

From the picture the URL is wrong. It should be

for the SD stream

I also see that the Verification is on Anonymous in the RTSP settings in the cam. I should put it on ACCOUNT.

There is only one decoder available so you should not change that!


thanks a lot. It was early in the morning, I forgot " .sdp". Now webcam xp can connect to ic7112w although anonymous in the camera settings is disabled. But the camera doesn’t move with ptz function in webcamxp. Regarding ONVIF standard I already contacted Edimax. Are you interested reading the answer?


Fine! To use PTZ in webcam we need to analyze the stream from the camera and make a template.
Yes, I am very interested to read the answer from Edimax.

Hi Henrik,

Edimax has answered as follows:

Sehr geehrte Herr Offergeld,

vielen dank für Ihre Rückmeldung.

Leider unterstützen die derzeitigen Modelle nicht den ONVIF- Standard.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

best regards,

I translate:

many thanks für your feedback.
Unfortunately Edimax cameras doesn’t support ONVIF standard at this time.

I think, we can close this topic now.

Either you create new templates for Edimax in future or customers buy IP cams elsewhere.

Thanks again for the friendly collaboration.