Constant crashing, making recordings unusable

I am constantly, once a day at most, once every two days at best, getting a sudden crash. In event viewer it says that avformat-57.dll failed, which is to do with the ffmpeg encoder. It will render a 90GB file pointless. And that is just a 10 hour recording.

Is there any way this can be looked into? I was going to purchase when next I am paid, but this makes it no good. I have searched for anything to do with avformat-57, and nothing found works, and there is nothing related to it with NCS.

Also, is there any chance of adding a profile for the DCS-4701E D-Link camera to the list of IP-Cams ? I’m currently using the 1100 cam, but it is only when I am recording do I get intermittent crashing… I prefer the motion capture and recording option of this for my mother, who is in her 80’s, as it doesn’t require an in depth knowledge of much, and she enjoys watching through a days footage…

but the crashing is making it a futile effort. I’ve seen a similar problem unresolved. I’ve had to write an AutoHotkey Script just to restart NCS when it does crash… But then, the lost days video, I don’t want to pay if this is an unsolvable issue…

For the camera. According to specification it support the ONVIF standard so when adding the camera use the tab for ONVIF Source.
For the crash. There has been a couple of problems when upgrading Windows to 1803 or 1809, but that was solved with new Windows updates. In your case I recommend a clean installation of NCS. Start NCS installation program and select Remove. After that go to C:\ProgramData\Moonware\Netcam Studio\Server and delete all. Also go to C:\Program Files\Netcam Studio - 64-bit and make sure that it is empty.

Hi wrecche, I have had the same problems with avformat-57.dll. Try to run NatCam as a service. After I did that, I never had a crash again.

I will try that, but I now think it might have been a dying HDD, as I noticed it was unable to recover any more bad sectors. SMART said it was fairly bad. So I have purchased a dedicated 4TB drive, and just have to keep an eye on it. If it continues I will do this ! thanks.

Ahh but that is the problem, this camera is a DCS-4701E, and that is not an entry in the ONVIF source list. And the camera is a few years old yet, so I don’t know why. However the DCS-1100 works, the url request is known to the camera and it responds with the feed. But I am wondering if it is not the best method for it, as there is no mention of it anywhere for this camera.

Do you know which updates helped with windows? I am currently on 1803, but windows has not insisted an update for a while.

Either way, thanks… I am still hopeful the problem was an encoding problem due to hardware. It was time to upgrade storage anyway !!


In the datasheet for the camera it clearly says it support ONVIF. Check that you have the latest firmware.
If you go into the configuration of the camera you might find what different url´s to use. D-link usually state that. A common url for d-link camera is /live1.sdp. So when adding the camera use the tab for Custom URL. Set stream type to rtsp_tcp ad for Address use
it can also be /live2.sdp or /live3.sdp if the camera have many several resolutions.
For the Win updates it was 1809, but I do not recommend that one since it was really bad. Better to go to 1903.

Using custom URL rtsp and /live1.sdp works… as does using the dcs-1100 profile under Network Camera… it’s just a pity that I have no ONVIF profile under that section, when as you say, it does support ONVIF.

The D-Link I have doesn’t have any real software config for it. Forced to use Internet Explorer as they still use activex controls, and the interface does not update any settings. Funny thing is, I downloaded the ONVIF Device Manager software, and it automatically detected the camera, and I could change many settings. I have to use the D-ViewCam software (yikes) to actually change others…

All of that is beside the point though, I guess everything else works as it should.

If I go to the ONVIF tab, and browse, it finds my camera, but the url is invalid, putting in the one that works, still returns no profiles, despite other software finding the 2 profiles…

Thanks Henrik, appreciate your helping !! :smile: All’s good. having used it this way without issue (apart from the crashing, but I’ve set up and AHK script to check for it, and reload it if it does, and a mouse macro to automatically start recording, as I couldn’t work out the scheduling, it just wouldn’t start) so all’s well that keeps working well :slight_smile:

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