Continuous recording and simple export

i try to make a full solution for secure own shop …
i planned to use 5 ip camera ( Zavio B6520 and Zavio D6210 ( if you have any note on my choice tell me :slight_smile: )
( for the server i5 6400 and 1to hdd )

for the display i use a simple monitor on the server and another screen with a raspberryPI whits a uwp application which i devellop my self ( try to put on github and share when i finish it )

So for my projet if its possible i need a reel continuous records, not multiple file of 5 minutes …
But this is not the most importante thing i realy need a simple way to export data …

If real continuous records its possible , i need a form how i put the start time and how long i need or, if real continuous records its not possible how to add a simple link in the library for simple download the clip .?

Hi there and welcome to the community!
Very interesting projects you are doing! I try to answer and give some advice.

  • Cameras: I have 5 of these cams, but under another brand. i am very happy with them. I had some problems with the sharpness of the image on a couple of them due to problems to mounting the sensor chip in the focal point of the lens. You can control that by checking the image on objects on 50-100 meters or have the camera to look at a reflection in a mirror. If the image is sharp it is fine.
  • The cams are all ONVIF which makes them easy to add to Netcam Studio. The cams are 2 and 5 Mpixel cams which is a lot.
  • The processor i5-6400 has 4 cores which is good. Unfortunately the i5 do not support Hyper Threading which is very efficient for decoding/encoding of video. If you will use the maximum resolution of the cams, 25-30 FPS and high quality you will most likely send the server to a high CPU load so you need to test what will be good in your application.
  • Recording of 5 minutes. You can increase that time in the settings. But, why this need for a very long recording? it will be difficult to search for events and also if something happens a lot of data will be lost.
  • Exporting data. The intention is to have NCS manage all data. However, in the Rule manager you can set FTP and in the configuration of each cam you can also set FTP. If this is what you are looking for I do not know. Another way is to use an external software that monitor the folders and when there are something new it copies the file to another location.
  • you can control NCS with external commands, a web API. More information here

Some suggestions and advice that I hope might help you to continue your project.
You know where you find me ;).

thank :wink:
the machine is dedicated to it, so if cpu load is at 99% is not a probleme …
in fact i5-6400 cost 200€ and the i7-6700 cost 350€ :confused: ( and a cooler -_" ) but if you think i realy need this …
( lol mount a little gaming station whithout graphique card just for security ^^ )

i think i keep like 3 - 4 days of video ( how many can i keep on 1to with 5 camera ? ), and when i have a “problème”, generaly i exporte the files in few minute afte.
it’s a shop so if some things happen i’m here to note the date and houre and find after … i can’t use mouvement detection ( or its ON at 99% of time )

i juste see the web client is on GPL … so i can juste edit it for simple add a link for download a clip …

The i5-6400 has 4 cores which will be fine. In a very similar application as your shop I use cameras with the resolution 1280x720 or 1280x960 which covers large areas and give good information about what is going on. Cameras with many megapixel are nice for some applications, but very often not necessary and they generate a lot of CPU load.

Since you will use continuous recording I recommend you to save a file lets say every 5-10 minutes. I am not sure what 1to is?

The web client is open source as you already seen. If you can add a link for downloading of a clip it would be very interesting for many users. If you share the code it would be very appreciated.

Good luck,

1To = 1 Tera Octer = 1024 Go ^^

I have a little bug my link doesn’t work in chrome but work in other browser -_-" …
when a fixe the bug i send a pullrequest on github :wink:

Hoo God , i fount a bug ^^ and now i know why chrome don’t want download the file …

So , i don’t know if i found a hack for force chrome to download the video or if i wait a fixe of netcamstudio ^^
I send a message to the support !

But if you can confirm my “bug”…
If you active the “background encoding” when you resquest “GetItemsForPeriod”, the function return a json with DataSize:0 for all file …

Open you webclient , travel to the library => gallery , press f12 , in the develloper interface chose the “console” tab , found the last log like : directory.libraryItems.url >>…98189&endDate=1476835398189&authToken=6d1f421e-4afb-49c0-b7dd-c2a5d28f4f4d
travel to the link and look the DataSize of files …

( do the same with and without the background encoding :wink: when its activate the datasize should be 0 :frowning:

Aha, you mean Tera Octet. Well, 1 TB of HD will keep several days for you.