Convert NCS Cam Stream Setup from RTSP to MP4?

We have 41 cameras on NCS… works well, but to try to reduce CPU utilization, would moving the streams to MP4 produce any noticeable CPU reduction? We’ve tested and the cameras seem to support it (Reolink - setting to MPeg4 in Netcam Studio using the same sub-strean URL). Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance!

That’s intetesting! The idea of h264 (rtsp) was to reduce the need for bandwidth compsred to mp4 with no change in quality. Hardware was developed for fast and efficient encoding in cams. The decoding at the other end need more resorces. However, very efficient GPUs for decoding of h264 were developed for that.
However, in softwares like NCS for surveillance you do a lot of other things with the image so using GPU do not always save CPU load.
Most of the surveillance siftware use the ffmpeg software for the h264 decoding which is extremely efficient and quite often outperforms a GPU.
Generally mp4 use less cpu load than h264, but it will probably depend on the cams resolution, fps, bitrate and how often the scen seen by the camera change.
You have 41 cams so you might need to think about bandwidth. Ffmpeg is very efficient in Intels iX processors. Less efficient in a Xeon cpu.
Bottom line, just test and see what really happens :slightly_smiling_face: Extremely intetestng so if you have the time please reoprt back what happens :slightly_smiling_face: