Could this NEW feature be added to the library capture folder?

  Thanks for adding AMCREST CAMERAS to the list of CAMERAS --
        I have a new camera AMCREST CAMERA IP3-941B and I have a license for 4 cameras with your software.   I am running the AMCREST CAMERA IP3-941B on Computer 10 and have the Netcam Studio on computer 4.  They are both connected to the same Verizon Router which is both a 2 and 5 GB/sec router.  Both computers are running Windows10 and both have a homegroup connection.  I went to add a video source and used the tab for Lan connection and to browse to the correct IP.  I am now able to see a video of my AMCREST CAMERA IP3-941B camera on my website. The AMCREST Company technical support said this was not possible with their cameras. You might want to inform them that it is now possible with your software. 

An updated JPG capture----

Could this NEW feature be added to the library capture folder?
You right click on CAPTURE in the Library Folder and you get a menu to choose from.
(A) An automatic capture interval - Set the Interval (Seconds, Minutes or Hours)
(B) Choose the file extension to save the image as - JPG, JPEG, TIFF, GIF, BMP, PNG.
© A Fixed File Name - Exp. (Sky Mirror, North Court Image)
(D) A Changing File Name - Saved as a date and time in a folder called Continual Captured Time Dated Files.

      This would be useful for the owner’s security camera and anyone with web camera that would like to show the latest web camera picture on their website. With the fixed file name the latest image will continually overwrite the old jpg file in a designated folder. Then Cute FTP software can automatically upload this image to the website server every 1-5 minutes. Then the person’s website can link to the image on the server to show the current weather conditions at their Weather Website or Community Security Website. 
    In an earlier version of your software I was able to upload a one minute interval image of my sky camera to my website but I can no longer do this.  This is my problem and I hope you can offer a solution.  The above is just a suggestion that might solve the problem.
    I appreciate all the hard work you are putting into this program and thanks again for at least helping me get the video working on my website.  I hope getting a still updated image capture would be easier than the live video.



You should still be able to upload at fixed internal with the name that you want with the latest version (using the ftp uploader module under “Configure Features…” for a given camera).

What prevents you from doing so ?

You cannot chose the format (.jpg only) but for the rest if it’s about uploading with a specific name at fixed interval it should be no problem…


I downloaded the latest version of your software and was able to upload a jpeg image from each camera.

I don’t know why it didn’t work before. I thought it was a change in the program but the bottom line is that it works now!