CpuTimerElapsed error


Since updating, i have now noticed that there are no recording being made, I checked the event logs and I have a consistent error. The Description is Unable to retrieve CPU counters.

I was on v1.5.4.0 and have updated today to v1.5.6.0 running Windows 10 X64. This issue was apparent in both versions. I am sure its a problem within my settings.

Also, can you confirm for me please, do you set the local PC IP address as the server address or do you set the global static IP address?

Thank you.

Please enable errors logging to file.

Restart Netcam Studio, try to do a recording (that fails) and send us the log file generated for this session from

C:\ProgramData\Moonware\Netcam Studio\Server\Logs



Also try to run netcam studio x as administrator just to see if it changes something.


Thanks for the assistance.

I have tried running this as an Administrator and attempted to attach the log file. However, the system will not let me send this to you. Can I send to an email address?


can you please upload it here:

This needs a receiving email address??

no it doesn’t…

Funny that!

Can I just have an email address to send it please?

sent you the support email address by pm however by pressing the 3 little dots it allows you to upload and retrieve a simple link to your file.

I see two distinct problems there.

The reason why it doesn’t record is because the library path is set to one NAS and apparently your service account doesn’t not have write access there:
Error 06:24:50.804 Source(1).StartRecording File Recording failed
Exception Detail:Access to the path ‘\Dec-nas\x\Security\Recording\Recordings\20170522’

Now the CpuTimerElapsed error is really strange but anyway Netcam studio seems to have issues starting / initializing properly even before that. I don’t know if other things are linked to storing on the nas.

Here I would recommand to:

  • Stop any netcam studio x or service
  • Rename your folder
    C:\ProgramData\Moonware\Netcam Studio\Server to C:\ProgramData\Moonware\Netcam Studio\Server.Bak

Restart Netcam Studio. It will be without any configuration / settings just like the first time you installed it.

From there see if the CpuTimer issue is still here, reconnect at least one camera and check if it’s able to record properly (will record in its default storage path)


Thanks for your help.

The NAS permissions had been changed and this was the cause of the issue. It has also fixed the CPU Timer Elapsed error :confounded:


Ok so I suppose it’s because when we check the cpu usage, we also try to monitor free space in the library folder and since it’s the nas in your case, it makes the whole thing fail.

Will look forward to make this more robust…