Customise Email template

Is there any way of customising the email alert sent out?
I’d like to add in a link in the email to my Library, so I can click on the snapshot and get directly to the Library video.

This has been asked before, but I can’t find any answers to it.

Hi Neil!
If you enable email you get an email when any cam is triggered for motion detection. If you add a Rule to that for a specific cam then you will receive an email with specific info for just that cam. If I am not completely wrong there is also a link included.

The link is just to the image captured. I want to customise the link to take me to my Library, or the actual video, not just the screenshot.

OK, I undersand. Then it´s not on the menu today. If it is a security issue or not possible when running as a service or not just implemented I am not sure. However, our expert @steve will have a look at this for a more accurate answer.

No there is no way to customize the emails at this time.