Customize Alarm Sound on Motion


I’d like to be able to customize the sound used when motion is detected.

I’d also like the alarm to go off even when the client is minimized or simply in the taskbar. It seems the alarm only goes when I have the NCS viewer/app up on the screen.

This would be nice so I could set a pleasing sound, and know when I hear that in the house that a cam has been activated. Even better would be to set a custom sound per source, so I could listen and know…oh the backyard cam detected motion, or the front door cam detected motion.

To take this further, it would be cool if this was available via the API, then I could integrate with something like a Hue bulb. Have a light in my home change to a specific color for a moment to indicate info from a specific cam.


Use the Rule Manager to play an individual sound at modet.


What action would I use to play the sound? I don’t see anything that appears to allow for this.


Use RunApp and link to a soud file or any file that you want to run. Do not work when NCS run as a Service due to constraints in Windows.


Go to Rule Manager/+/Name it “Alarm”/ Type: Motionstart/source “any”/RunApp under action/Cretae path to mp3 file. Something like this which I made: C:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC\AlarmA.mp3
You should find a path to your mp3 file
Then save it.