D-Link DCS-5222L different versions of HW

I’m just getting started with Netcam Studio and so far I like what I see. Still evaluating though :slight_smile:

I have an old D-Link DCS-5222L (HW revision A1) that worked like a charm with the built in configuration.
I bough a second one last week, DCS-5222LB (HW revision B) and the built in configuration was not letting
me use RTSP streaming. However after a little fiddling around a got RTSP working via the custom url
alternative: rtsp://user:password@

My question: what’s the process of getting additional camera support into the standard Netcam Studio SW?


Hi JiPe and welcome to the forum!
I am happy that you like what you see and I hope we can continue together ;).
Yes, the manufacturers change these things sometimes and it causes some problem for us and the users. In this case they have changed from play1.sdp to live1.sdp. If you only want video and audio it is easy to connect using the Custom URL or ONVIF if the camera support that. But, if you also want the PTZ we need to make a new template since PTZ and video/audio use different communication protocols. I assume you have changed default port 554 to 22222.

The process is to find the URLs for video and audio which is relatively easy since we already have that. The more tricky part is to get the PTZ commands. Hopefully, they are the same as for the DCS-5222L-A1 version. So, I need you to check that. Can you connect the camera using the old version and test if the camera moves when using PTZ. If that works I can combine these commands and add the new URLs and create a new template for NCS. If you cannot check that I need to get access to the camera for some testing.


Hi Henrik.

Thx for the fast reply.
Correct - changed the default RTSP port to 22222.
Yes PTZ commands works correctly towards the new HW revision.
I renamed the RTSP from live1.sdp to play1.sdp and the DCS-5222L template works as a charm also
towards the new HW. Thx.


He he, that´s another and better way of doing it ;).