D-LINK DCS-935L support?


supported? it’s a 720p… now i have the DCS-932L and works fine… i know the 935 is not in the supported camera list…

Hi! just an alternative to the template. If you use Netcam Studio use rtsp protocol instead which I think is easier. When you add a new cam go to Custom URL. For Type use RTSP_TCP and the URL is … If you login to your camera and go to Setup -> Audio and Video you have the information for this:

for h.264 rtsp;//username.password@ip-number/play/1.sdp
for MJPEG rtsp;//username.password@ip-number/play/2.sdp

check the last part after the ip-number since my image is a little blurry ;).


Thank you very much! i try it :smile:

Sorry, I missed

it should be rtsp://username… Change ; to : sorry.


after one hour, this url works! the : between username and passwort is important! And the stream s play2.sdp!


Excellent! Yes, these small little characters that makes it go from failure to success. Sorry for my slipping on the keyboard ;).

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great camera!! the 720p is really nice to this money… i give my 932L back…