D-Link DCS-942L RTSP Stream didn't work

It’s a strange problem, the DCS-942L RTSP Stream mode results OK when I use “TEST Connection” button, but is shows failed in view.
Is there any solutions?

If it fails there are probably related logs in Netcam Studio every time it tries to connect / reconnect.

Please enable logging to file, restart netcam studio, try to connect the camera and send us the log file of the day from:

c:\program data\moonware\netcam studio\server\logs

Then what would be interesting is to:

  1. Connect the RTSP Stream from VLC and take a screenshot of the Media Information window like below (my dlink camera):

  1. Ideally dump 30 seconds - 1 minutes of the RTSP stream and upload it somewhere so that we can analyze it.