Dahua IMOU Rex 4MP-D

I’ve purchased IMOU Rex 4MP-D which features 1 x 100Mbps Ethernet Port,
Wi-Fi: IEEE802.11 b/g/n, ONVIF profile S and video compression: H.265/H.264.

I have a hard time connecting it to Netcam. The camera has both wired and wireless capabilities and after the initial configuration, I use a Wi-Fi connection only. Checking my DHCP server, the camera requests two IP addresses, however, when checking for ONVIF devices, Netcam detects it with the primary IP address.
Entering my user and password info, Netcam fails to connect.
Has anyone connected Dahua (IMOU) brand cameras to Netcam?

Why do the camera need to IP`s? This is a cheap version of Dahua cams which always make me suspicious. It seems that more people have problems with this cam to get it to work with ONVIF Imou Ranger 2: Access via ONVIF | IP Cam Talk
Using rtsp:// in the tab for Custom URL in NCS should work, but no PTZ.

Thank you. Before I’ve read your response I’ve figured it out thanks to info here:

To get it to work, it was necessary to download ConfigTool and change video compression to H.264 from default H.265 since Netcam does not support it.

Then I used RTSP _UDP (2560x1440) stream

with username: admin and password that is located at the bottom of the camera and called Safety Code.
PTZ through Netcam does not work, however, the camera has “human detection” and will follow the detected person around the room.

Hi. Thanks for info. Netcam Studio support H.265. PTZ seems to be a problem for others as well. You can test ONVIF Device Manager and see if the discovery URL is diffetent. If it is paste that into the top field 1, enter credential and click on Get Profiles.