Deleting from library deletes wrong files

There is a bug in the desktop client, for deleting files in the library.

  1. Select the second file in the library, making a note of what the first and second files are.
  2. Press delete
  3. Notice that the first file has been deleted, NOT the second which was selected,

Same issue if you select multiple files, it deletes the first x number of files in the library, not the ones you selected.

Hi Darren!
Thanks for info. Yes, there is a problem with the windows client. When you click to enlarge a video it is not the same video. The other clients works. Computers works in mysterious ways ;). I was not aware of the deletion so thanks. It seems to be something fundamental. It is passed to our developers.

Comming back to this, what other clients work? The web client doesn’t seem to have a delete option, and I only use that and the windows client.

Hi Darren!
Actually, I had a discussion with the responsible developer yesterday that the issue was found and corrected. It´s been a strange problem and the question is why users including myself haven´t noticed this before. However, it turns out to be a problem when users are added to NCS that gives access to only a few cameras. A major reprogramming is made and the new software is delivered for testing.
In the meantime you should be able to delete correct files if you first filter out the recordings from that camera. No recordings from other cameras are shown. Then delete the files. You have probably also added more users. If it is possible use only user admin. Then it should work normally.
I hope we can release a new version with this correction as soon as possible.
Thanks for your patience!