detect object and speed


very good software !!! I would like you to help me with something that I think you can. Since Netcam Studio can detect objects and measure speed could extract the speed it finds in excel so I can apply the sum?


Hi there,
Thanks! I am not sure if I understand what you want to do. Can you explain a little bit more?


I translate to google translate and it may not be right. Thank you very much for being interested in me.

The program is perfect and I want to use it to measure the speed of a moving ball in a Greek game played and called beach racket. When recording the speed of the ball from one player to the other must take points according to a base.

eg Vb = 65 Km / h

If V1 = 65 km / h then point P1 = 652/652 = 1

If V1 = 80 km / h then point P2 = 802/652 = 1.51

If V1 = 100 km / h then point P3 = 1002/652 = 2.36

Total Points: SP = 1 + 1.51 + 2.36 = 4.87

Can we export the speed to excel to convert points and a final score score? I will try for more information to send you. What interests me most is whether the speed indicator goes out and transferred to other software to make the count. Thanks again .


Thanks for info. Now I understand better. Nice application!
What you want is to have the speed automatically exported from NCS to a text file or Excel (make a wish :slight_smile: )
I will look into this. I am not using the speed detection myself so I might have to ask my partner.