Difference between the free version and paid. ONVIF and Digoo DG-ZXC40

I have tried the free version of Studio, but I cannot get any motion activated etc etc to appear, no screens for setup. Is this only available in the paid versions.

Any camera settings for Digoo DG-ZXC40 only got Digi-Lan to work but no PTZ or audio

Looking good so far.

The free version is a complete version working for 2 sources. From source 3 and above you get a red banner over the video. There are a couple of features marked Commercial which is only for the licensed version and useful for very specific occasions.
Motion is activated on each camera - right click when poiting on the video and you can activate motion detection.
Screen for setup? Start Netcam Studio X, blue icon, and you will have it all. Read the manual for the basics.
Digoo DG-ZXC40 - according to specifications the camera support the ONVIF standard. When you add the camera use the tab for ONVIF Source. Click on Browse and the camera should be listed. The camera and computer must be on the same LAN/subnet to work.


Ho Henrik. Thanks for quick response.

Sorry I should have read the manual. I am so used to Hikvision that you have to click on settings icon to get to motion etc.

My camera is behind a TP-Link CPE210 Access Point and a Client. And the ONVIF setting does not pick up the ip address for the camera. Tried putting ip address in manually on the ONVIF page, but its not interested.

Any ideas plz

I assume that:
-camera and computer are on the same subnet which is important.
-that you can connect to the camera from the computer using for example a browser.
-that you have tested the “Browse” button under the tab for ONVIF Source.

There are actually an old and a new version of the ONVIF and probably camera and NCS do not match. However, do the following:
-download ONVIF Device Manager (ODM).
-start ODM and login to and add the camera.
Picture below is for a Hikvision camera in my network. The URL is the important part. Copy that and change to your camera IP and paste that under the tab for ONVIF Source 1. Select ONVIF Source. Enter credentials and click on Get Profiles. Now there should be profiles to chose from.

I have just tried ONVIF Device Manager. It finds the correct ip address of camera. But no data or video is displayed.

To get video you must login to the camera, top left on ODM.
Here is more info about the camera https://m.mydigoo.com/320-ptz-5mp-1080p-ip-camera-p-301469.html
Download the manual and read about how to connect to the camera. Very strange!
Login to the camera configuration and make sure that onvif is enabled.

Found this that will give video and audio. Add camera using tab Custom URL.
Set stream type to rtsp_tcp.

I am not sure what the credentials are.[quote=“grayb, post:5, topic:3680, full:true”]
I have just tried ONVIF Device Manager. It finds the correct ip address of camera. But no data or video is displayed.