Different time format between win and web clients

Hi. The time format has always been the same in the windows client and the web client. From version 1.1.5 to 1.1.6 or to 1.1.7 this was changed. So now the windows client shows the correct 24h format and the web client show a 12h format. Also a mixup with the date/tine format in the Library, see pictures. I am using the same computers and settings a s before. Also, when I changed the date/time in the web client in the Library it does not automatically renew the pictures. I have to logout and in again. -Henrik

On the screenshots I don’t see the issue since it’s AM times.

On my end the web client also displays in 24hours format. Regarding possibility to change selection of period in web client, it was fixed on our end but i forgot to include it with the latest 1.1.7

In the pictures below the date format is different between win/web client. On the pictures the time formats are the same in win/web. But when you choose start/end time in the web client you have 12h format. I am running an old beta 0.9.x.x where time and date formats are the same in win and web clients. Something happened between version 115 and 117.