Difficulty in registering the camera Dlink 6112


I’m trying to include a new camera in Webcamxp and Netcamstudio, but I’m not able to …

The Camera Dlink DCS 6112 appears in the list of compatible cameras, we register the access data, the test shows the message ok, but the image is not displayed on the monitor.

Using the Chrome I was able to access the camera image, by the url:

Example: Http: // xxx: xx@XXXXX.dyndns.org: 8100 / video.mjpg

We notice that in Webcamxp, in the preview screen, just below the field: “Source Name” the camera url address appears with an error, without the Bar [ / ] before video:


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Hi there,
Sorry for this! I see that there is an error in the template. As you say it should be /video.mjpg. Is there actually a PTZ in that camera? I don´t see that in the specifications. There is a Digital PTZ though.

The good part is that the camera support ONVIF standard according to the specifications. So in Netcam Studio do the following:

  • when adding the camera use the tab called ONVIF source. Fill in IP, username, password and then Connect. In ONVIF Profiles you should have what that camera can offer. It should be both video and audio.

Do you need to include this camera also in WebcamXP? If so, please come back and I will explain how.

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Hi Henrik,

Thanks for the quick response!

In Netcam Studio I was able to run the video by “Custom URL” with the address rtsp!


But in another client, I use Webcamxp and when I configure the camera parameters, it seems that there is an error, because the address that is built by the template is without the [/]


Could I enter a custom rtsp address on Webcamxp?

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Excellent. It didn´t work with ONVIF?

For the:

  • Rtsp://XXX:XXX@XXXX.dyndns.org:554/live3.sdp you can use live.sdp, live1.sdp, live2.sdp or live3.sdp. In the configuration of the camera you set the resolution for each live stream.
  • http://XXX:XXX@XXXX.dyndns.org/video.mjpg you can use video.mjpg … video3.mjpg. In the configuration of the camera you set the resolution for each stream.

This is a rather advanced camera that can stream many channels simultaneously so you need to set it up correct.

If you want to use WebcamXP install the Universal Source Filter http://community.netcamstudio.com/c/Universal
There you can install the camera with Custom URL in the same way as for NCS.


HI Henrik,

I did the download of the Universal Source Filter and it worked very well! Thanks!

About the Onvif, I couldn’t use this option, because the IP Camera is from a External network…

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Hi Irandy,