"Digital Video Recording " record partial sources - Lilin IP cameras

I am a user of webcam 7(v., OS: windows XP 32 bit). The Digital Video Recording function is not fully functional. No matter how many sources were selected to record. Only first four sources were recording. How to fix it?

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This was a good old one ;). First, any special reason why you have not updated? Since it is version 0.9.xxxx I am not sure if it were any limitations before v. 1. Have you had more than 4 sources running before with no problem or is it now when you want to add number 5 that you see the problem?

Thanks for your prompt reply. First, After I update to v1.5.3.0, all the resources showed only back image. I don’t know why:confused:. So, I recovery to old version. I do the simple test, and find out that source number after 25 did not recording. Source 1 to 25 are recording correctly.

Going from version 0.9 to 1.5 is a big step so the cameras need probably to be added from the beginning.
I am not sure if I understand correct, but it works fine now or is it still problems?

I added IP camera from the beginning, testing connection OK, but still got only black image. So I re-installed webcam7 v0.9.xx. The problem I got is that source number after 25 did not record. However, Source 1 to 25 are recording correctly.

So you have more than 25 cameras?
If the connection is OK it finds the camera, but since you got a black screen something is wrong and it can be login/password or the URL to get the video/audio.
What camera/cameras do you use?

Yes, I have more than 25 cameras. All cameras worked fine with old version of Webcam7. With new version of Webcam7, I got black screen. I am sure login/password and the URL are correct.
The cameras I use is Lilin/IPS-0258(FastDome) and IPR-458.

Thanks for info. So, question is what´s changed from version 0.9 to 1.5, which can be a lot.

When I check in webcam7 v1.5 for Lilin I only find these cams

which is none of your models.
-How do you connect to your cams?
-Lilin/IPS-0258(FastDome) is a PTZ model. Does PTZ work in v. 0.9 and in v.1.5?

Can you give me access to one of each camera model so I can test on my system? IF ok, I send you a PM for exchange of details.


The following picture is the connection setting in v. 0.9. So I select similar option which is “IP Camera” in V. 1.5.

First question:
In V. 1.5, I selected “IP Camera” as camera model, and then input IP, Port, user, password. Testing connection is OK.

Second question:
PTZ work in v. 0.9 but don’t know if it works in V1.5.

Third queston:
Please send me a PM.

Excellent info! This is what I suspected. The template have changed along the way for some reason.
In webcamXP/7 the testing function only test communication with the camera and not video/audio/PTZ.
I need to go back to find the old files for version 0.9.
I send you a PM.

Now working with new templates and URLs in WebcamXP/7 and in Netcam Studio. Thanks a lot for valuable assistance!

Here it is:
*Lilin IPS-0258 (no PTZ. For PTZ use template)
Stream type: MJPEG
URL: http://username:password@ipnumber:80getimage?

*Lilin IPR-458
Stream type: MJPEG
URL: http://username:password@ipnumber:80getimage?

*Lilin IPR-428
Stream type: rtsp_tcp
Port: 80