Digital Video Recording

In Webcam PRO you can record files every xx minutes.

Security --> Digital Video Recording

Create a new file every 2 minutes

I suspect that if I am recording 10 minutes that I would have 5 files, each 2 minutes long. But that is not the case. The first 2 minutes it is recording, the following 8 minutes nothing happens. What is it that I do wrong?

This is my setting and it generates a file every 2 minutes until I Disable the DVR.

I tried your settings and it doesn’t do anything.

When I unthick the box, activate DVR and go to ‘Monitor’, and click ‘record’ than it makes only 1 file of 2 minutes and than nothing else happens.

I tried a very old laptop operating in Windows 7 and on my new laptop operating in Windows 10

I tried webcam 7 PRO, webcam 7 PRO [IP camera], webcamXP PRO and webcamXP PRO [IP camera] and all are acting the same.

Any idea what is going wrong?

What are you doing :slight_smile:
DVR is disabled / not running: when you manually press the Record button it starts to record. It stops to record when you press Stop recording.
When DVR is enabled / running: the Recording button has no function since everything is already recorded with the DVR.

I really don’t know what I am doing to be honest …

Well, seeing your picture I found out what to do but unfortunately it is not working …

So, when I enable DVR nothing happens, I mean, really nothing, except in the left bottom ‘DVR’ appears, but that’s all …

According to your picture:
-1 USB camera and 4 IP cameras are connected.
-DVR is running for source 1.
-there are 216 MB of recorded files stored here C:\ProgramData\webcam 7\DVR. Check these files.
-CPU is 0% which is a little strange. There should be activity there if cameras are running.
-IP filtering is ON for some reason.
-HTTP Post is there for some reason?
-There is no computer allocated to HTTP Online. There you should have the name of the local computer. This is how it looks like on my
-if you click on
the web browser should open with the web client and where you should see all the cameras that are connected and running.
-since you have tested on 2 laptops and different versions and it do not work it must be something fundamentally wrong somewhere on. Is there a antivirus program installed that blocks something.

Now I am out of ideas.