Digoo BB-M2 - Onvif PTZ

Live feed works perfectly on my ONVIF source. Netcam Studio recognized camera as IPD-L23Y00-BS.

However I am not able to get PTZ functions to work. If I right click on live feed, select “Configure feature” and then “Pan & Tilt network Camera” on/off button is greyed out and otherwise screen is empty.

Any ideas how to get these to work?

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Connecting a camera with ONVIF will only connect video and audio. Unfortunately, PTZ functions from ONVIF are not supported in NCS today. However, it is in the pipeline.

I assume that I need to add then “Network camera” from NCS to get ptz work? Any idea is this IPD-L23Y00-BS model supported or what brand it is actually. Dealer sold it as “T-Cam 9100” and manual actually doesn’t say anything about brand :frowning:

Unfortunately, it is no that easy. To be able to use PTZ the camera must have a template in the tab Network Camera. The template include both the communication commands using http for the PTZ and the protocol for video/audio using rtsp. To figure out the commands for PTZ the data stream to the camera must be analyzed manually. That need special programs that I do not have access to. The camera manufacturers are not that willing to display these commands.

my cam have the same number IPD-L23Y00-BS this is an FLOUREON !
And in the menu there is an PTZ Function under Settings.
And here is an Protocol Pelco-D /(Pelco-P and Samsung ! Is there an recomendet Protocol für Netcam ?
greedings Jake

i there anyone who can tell me what protcol for the PTZ Netcam ist compatible ? Or how netcam check the cam ?

Hello Netcam Suipport du you read me ?

Hi Jake!
Yes, I can read you. However, I cannot find any info about that cam FLOUREON IPD-L23Y00-BS. It´s not in the list of cams with templates and a search on Internet do not give any result.

What is Protocol Pelco-D /(Pelco-P and Samsung ?

If the cam is not listed under the tab Network Camera - Brand - Model the camera must be added to NCS using ONVIF (if the camera support that) or by Custom URL. These two possibilities only support video and audio. If the cam also have PTZ the commands for controlling PTZ must be found and included in a template together with the protocol for the video/audio. If there is a template for another camera that can be used I do not know. Probably not, since the cameras usually are very different even from the same manufacturer. The commands for PTZ is really not so easy to find and the manufacturers keep that information quite often for themselves. So for the moment PTZ in NCS is not possible for that camera.


Hello Henrik,
well nice, but steam works nice. So on What can i do to get this working. I have the knowledge of the http commands that are send to the cam ! But i have no change to bring this in Netcamviewer. Is ther a tool to do this oder can only Support do this ? I beleve if thre was an templete designer/editor oder file with the parameter i can bring this to work.
I am thinking some People can do this, an your cam support will grouw up. And you dont’t habe to do it all by yourself.
Can you give me hope or a tool to edit an template ?
I Promise i shre my knowledge !
Tanks for replay !

Check your mail!

Hi Henrik,
I have the same problem. The camera I’m working with is a Digoo BB-M2. Would you please send me the same email you sent to Norbert_Muller? I have an HTTP stream working but need to enable the PTZ. Thanks, Dennis

Hi Dennis,
If it this camera http://www.mydigoo.com/Digoo-BB-M2-Mini-WiFi-HD-720P-Home-Security-Camera-Wireless-USB-Baby-Monitor-IR-IP-CAM-Onvif-RTSP-p-27.html I see that it support the ONVIF standard. I recommend you to download the very new version of NCS 1.4 (Beta 2.0) from here https://www.dropbox.com/sh/q3nftscbwzlzsun/AACi3L5w5vQdR6QBjLl_-r17a?dl=02 It is the one that is 6h or so old depending on when you look. I don´t know if you use 32 or 64 bit so pic the one.
It is not the official version, but it is well tested also in the forum. Add your camera in the ONVIF tab. Then you should have video/audio and PTZ. Just make sure that you have the latest firmware in the camera since the manufacturers need to update the onvif part to also comply with ptz settings.

Good luck and please report back how it goes.,

WOW! Yes, that is the camera I have and the new version of NCS works great and does include PTZ. Thanks so much. Now a real newby question. What’s the difference between “continuous” and “relative” PTZ modes. Also, I’m using the android app and I don’t know how to control it. When I press an arrow, the camera takes off but I can’t stop it. And I don’t know the purpose of the - < > + control.
We’re using your software to monitor our animal shelter so I especially appreciate your help. Thanks, Dennis

I just noticed that I have a problem. I have a paid copy because we have more than 4 cameras. Here’s my registration info:
Netcam Studio
Your license name is: Dennis Seipel
Your license code is: (hidden)
The new version I downloaded is a free version and won’t let me connect all our cameras.
Hope there’s a fix. Thanks again, Dennis

Hi Dennis,
The PTZ implementation with onvif is new so I have to come back to what might be wrong. However, If you run NCS X and press PTZ buttons and after you release it the cam should stop. Also, not all PTZ cams support this yet.

The only difference between the free and the licensed version is that in the free version cameras number 3 and up have a red banner on top of the image. What might be the problem is that camera information is stored in a new way. For a camera that do not have an image right click on the image and go to Edit video source. All information should be there, but you need to Save it again.

I remember another user with the same problem after an upgrade and that something happened in the installation process.
They solved it by uninstall ncs completely and then install it again and it worked. Do the license information looks like this

Test this and if there still are problem come back here.


Hi again Dennis,
In continuous mode and when pressing up/down/… NCS send a start command. A stop command is sent to the camera when for example the mouse button is released. In relative mode and when pressing up/down/ … a start command is sent plus an instruction of how many steps to take and then the camera stops. So first the camera must support onvif PTZ. Second the camera can either support continuous and/ore relative PTZ mode.

Thanks again for all your help. I’m making progress. I have NCS recognizing that the cameras support PTZ and display the controls. However, clicking on one of the directions doesn’t move the camera. The log gives this Error: “Send ONVIF Command (Async) failed
Exception Detail:Invalid URI: The URI is empty.” after “Sending PTZ command: MoveStop”. Any suggestions?

BTW, the problem with the licence was an operator error. I was testing at home with the free version and didn’t think about it. When I installed NCS 1.4 at the shelter, our licence was recognized.

There are 2 different PTZ modes. Same result with both?
Excellent with the licenses solved since it was sort of strange :wink:

I’ve tried both continuous and relative. Neither seems to work. The program designed for these cameras, Netcam, can work the PTZ. I’d be glad to create an account for you if you’d be willing to look into it. Also, I have TightVNC installed if you’d like to use that. The computer is an old laptop and dedicated to NCS so you can poking around all you want. Dennis

Normally this error shouldn’t occur in relative mode (MoveStop is specific to continuous mode).

To know which modes your camera support, it would be interesting to give a try to onvifDM and see if it offers continuous, relative, both or no PTZ.

I have just released 1.4.1 where I made some changes to Onvif PTZ (to support Sharx cameras) but it doesn’t seem related to the problem you have here however it’s maybe a bit more speaking in term of logs / errors while setuping the ONVIF camera so maybe you can give it a try and then send us full logs (from the time you connect the camera and then when you try to control the PTZ)


Actually remotely investigating PTZ turns out to be easier than remotely diagnosing RTSP issues so if your camera is reachable over internet (the HTTP port / onvif port which is usually the same).

If you can provide me access to the camera for a couple of hours (so i will need an admin account as well), i should be able to connect using onvif to it remotely and give it a try to see what’s wrong…

But again, before that maybe you want to give a try by yourself to 1.4.1 just to check if that didn’t fix the problem but I doubt it will…