Diplayed sizes differ but configuration is the same

I have netcam studio running for two cams. They have exactly the same configuration in netcan studio. But there is a large difference in display.

I have tried several things, but I cannot figure out why the displayed sizes differ

The camera with the small image is configured for a much smaller redulution. You change that in the camera configuration. Login to the cameras web interface.
Also make sure that the resolution is set to Native where you add the camera.

Thanks again. it works fine now. I have the impression that two camera’s running slows down the server. Is that correct?

Depends on resolution, fps and bitrate from the cameras. However, only two cameras should´t be any problems unless an older computer. Check the CPU load in the Task Manager.

Hi Henrik,
I haven’t a clue whether this is normal or not

CPU usage of 1,6% is very low and should not affect anything to you computer. However, more important is the total CPU load for the whole computer. You have info here

Why do you think 2 camera slow down the server?

when I had one camera running, it did not have many stops. Now it seems that this occurs more. Can also be a wifi issue

Excellent! With that computer it is certainly not a problem. You should check cameras and connection. Avoid wifi if possible. If the 20 Mbps are from the two cams it is about 10 Mbps from each which is a lot. Depending on resolution of the cams you can go down to 5-7 Mbps with no problem.

Thanks Henrik,
There was a problem at the provider side, which resulted in a slow wifi. This coïncided with the use of two camera’s. Everything works fine now
Again Many thanks

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Excellent, thanks for info.
Nice website!