Disable video recording and customize snapshots for motion

I have eight cameras connected. I want to disable video recording completely and simply capture a handful of snapshots when motion is detected, say 10-20, or perhaps a continuous stream of snapshots while motion is detected. Is this possible?

I want to remove the video option because it takes up entirely too much hard drive space compared to simple snapshots.

You can take 1 snapshot each time there is motion detected. You need to modify the behaviour under the rule manager (the default action for motion detection being Start Recording).

What I’m seeing is when the first screenshot is captured due to motion, you can only see partial movement. The sensitivity is such that when someone starts to walk into view, the camera snaps the shot and only captures an arm or a leg, so you miss the remaining frames as the person walks through the camera range. This is ineffective as you are unable to ID the person. I guess I’ll have to switch back to video for the time being. It would be helpful to have an option to capture a number of screen captures over a period of time when motion is sensed, something like 10 captures over a 10 second span.