Dlink dsc-932L audio problem

I have the ip-camera D-Link DCS-932L. With the netcam Studio progran I can record only video.
When i select D-Link DCS-932L as source audio is disabled

But the ip-camera D-Link DCS-932L has a built-in microphone.
How can I configure Netcam Studio to record both video and audio?

Is it posible to connect vlc audio?
Is it possible to edit or add one microphone?

This one works in VLC

vlc plugin audio

jpeg url
http ://admin:passw@
mjpeg url

Thank you, very much.

The audio must be provided together with video (RTSP stream) to be connected in netcam studio.

It’s the case for newer D-link (such as DCS-2332), don’t know if older models like 932 supports this.