Dlink Outdoor Camera DCS2330L DCS7010L can work in WebcamXP?


The Outdoor camera DCS2330L and DCS7010L is not in the compatible camera list. Anybody already tested these 2 models and worked?


Hi Erico!
There are so many cameras on the market now so it is impossible to keep up to make templates. However, the good part is that both cameras use h.264 and we can therefore use the URL rtsp:// to connect to the cameras.

If you must use webcamXP install the Universal Source Filter http://community.netcamstudio.com/c/Universal and then connect the cameras using rtsp over tcp and the URL rtsp://xxxx

Fortunately, D-link is very nice to tell us how to connect. If you download the manual and search for rtsp they describe this very well.
The URL to use in thre source filter for both cameras is
or live2.sdp or live3.sdp
Consult the manual!

I you do not have to use webcamxp I recommend to use Netcam Studio since it have the Universal … already built in.

Good luck and you know where to find me for further assistance!