Does face detection come from software or camera?

facial recognition is becoming quite popular,

I want to start using the facial recognition feature,

how do i get started? do i have to buy a camera that supports this, or all cameras support this, and it’s up to netcam studio to implement facial recognition in their software

facial recognition is the future!

Netcam Studio has a basic algorithm for face detection that works quite well. The camera just have to deliver a video as usuall. More info in the post below.

Hi Hendrik, FaceDetection is in recent release an option, but doubt it works already!
Is there any knowledge about?
nowone talkes about FaceDetection?
This would be my only setting to avoid pixel destroiation, light-changements (incl. IR-Nightlight on/off), vagaboundig PTZ. A face is a face and noting else. Unfortunately I can’t proof propper function on this feature!
Can you deliver more details? Even in the manual nothing is written about, but this might be to outdated.

Thanks for any enlighting coment


Hi Klaus,
I have not tested that algorithm before and I do not have any more information so I tested and I am amazed how well FaceDetection works to detect a face. Select FaceDetection and in the previous meny select View → Motion

Put your face in front of the camera and you can see what the algorithm use to determine a face and to trigger a recording. I can wave around with a lot of stuff in front of the camera with no trigger. However, it will most likely be sensitive to how much light there is in the field of view, distance between camera and object, camera resolution etc. Considering the area used by the algorithm I would assume it is quite basic, but no face no motion trigger. As mentioned to proof proper function it will be unique to each setting. I will hunt for more info and be back if I find that.