Does ONVIF work only in my own subnet?

I am trying out NCS right now, and I want to connect to a camera on another subnet.

If I am on the same subnet, I can “Browse” for the ONVIF camera, retrieve its profiles and connect to it.
From another subnet, the camera browser offers to scan the subnet, but it will not find the camera. If I manually insert the connect string from the working version (in the camera’s subnet), it can neither retrieve the camera’s profiles nor can it connect to the camera.

Is this my fault?

yes onvif detection will only work if on the same subnet.

Thx for the swift reply, … but: Why does the NCS ONVIF browser allow to select another subnet in its drop down list:

This is irritating, I guess.

And then, it’s not only “detecttion”: as I wrote, if I add the address manually, the camera cannot be detected and used either.

For the lan scanning mode.

What starts to be irritating is this kind of repeated remarks in your posts…

No offense meant, so please explain it to me:
If I am in your dialog to brwose for an ONVIF source, and I can select a different subnet - but I cannot find any camera on that other subnet… this does confuse a simple person like me. Or do I understand that entirely wrong? Then I beg your pardon…

same dialog is used for all scanning modes (not only onvif) which you can select from the 2nd dropdown.

onvif discovery will send a request on the network and see all the devices that answer to this request no matter what is selected there but probably this notification just doesn’t go any further that the subnet on which you are.

on the other end lan, scanning will individually try to send a request to every ip address based on the state of this dropbox, this is why in this mode it’s important to select the good network adapter / ip ranges.

Ok, I see thx. So ONVIF actually works in the same subnet at all?
This does mean that I can use a camera on another subnet only as an RTSP source?
(Not a problem, I only would like to understand it.)

… and, as there is no template for my “ieGeek” camera, I have to select “Custom URL”?

If I may post a wish (wher can I do that?), I’d suggest to insert that camera into your templates.
The appropriate string is:
rtsp://user:pwd@ip:554/11 for view 1 and rtsp://user:pwd@ip:554/12 for view 2,
sample: rtsp://admin:verysecret@

well you can give a try to:

if it also cannot see the camera then there is nothing that we can do to improve that, if it does then maybe it’s something too restrictive on our end.

Please report the exact brand / model for the camera.

@Henrik can you please prepare a template ?

Thanks, Steve, I will try the souceforge bit later.

The camera is this one:
ieGeek webcam
It is quite cheap, but seems to send good quality.