Drag&drop from library manager 1.5.6 problem


just tried drag&drop feature in library manager but there is a problem.

After first drag&drop the Library manager “freeze”, you canot select any other thumbnail.

Workaround is to not sigle-click but doucle-click a thumbnail that will “unfreeze” the library manager (all other NCS feature/icons are OK so NCS interface is not globally impacted) and doing this sometime also lauch VLC on the double-clicked thumbnail.

Also drag&drop is very slow … 22 seconds for a 20MB video on my local Core-I3 ? clicking the download button do it much faster.


drag & drop is not yet finalized (but I had to release 1.5.5 and 1.5.6 with this work in progress features for other reasons).

anyway we’ll have a look at the reported information.

Yep, I only report, you do the rest :wink:

Just a question, if you download using the red arrow is it fast or also takes 20 seconds ?

already answered, much faster, fast enought to not notice it is slow :wink: