Drop Box Library - Multiple Servers

Hi All,

Is there a way of changing the naming convention of the files stored?

We are about to start deploying NCS to a site that has around 100 cameras, so will be using two separate servers, with two 64x licenses. We want to use DropBox to sync the camera footage, however concerned that both systems will try to use the same drop box folder, and potentially overwrite each others files…

Would be ideal if we could add additional variables to the file name to ensure that they are unique.


Hi David,
100 cameras sounds very interesting! Within NCS it is not possible to add or change a filename. However, since you use two different servers it must be possible to add a unique index to each file before they are transferred/copied to the Dropbox.
I am not sure how many files we are talking about depending on if it is motion detection, continuous recording, etc
Windows have such functions so using a bat file should work or an external software. With the Rule manager this can be controlled if necessary.