Dropbox - Cannot play recorded .mp4 files

Im testing this software atm, so far it looks good. The UI is clean and simple and I have the features i need.

I have set up dropox sync, and from work (i have dropbox on my work computer aswell) I can see new motion recording arrive, but they will not play.
VLC says it cannot recognize the fileformat. This is the same when i try playing the files on my NCS server machine aswell.
Its not possible to play the recordings through the webserver neither. (get black screen when i press play) thumbnails in the library shows up though.

However, when playing the files from the NCS client it works fine, both locally and from work.

We have opened an issue at dropbox forums:


It used to work well and does on Google Drive and the video files seem fine, just don’t know why dropbox doesn’t accept to play them anymore…

You can participate to the thread there if you have additional informations.

Thanks. When i move the files manually into dropbox on the NCS server maching it works OK. So must be a dropbox problem yes.

However, that doesnt explain why i cannot play back clips from the library on the website (http://myhost/8100

When I open my rtsp stream in VLC (from work) I have nice and smooth stream i guess 20-25fps. While using the client or the website its 0.5 - 1 fps

I noticed now that NCS had lost its Dropbox session. And the eventlog is saying:

Cannot connect to dropbox. Login Required.
Synchronization was not completed. 0/10 Items were synchronized using SyncDropbox

Also, could it be that the software is trying to upload the file before its completed the writing operation? Maybe add a delay or something before copying it to the dropbox folder.

It only synchronizes after it’s added to the library (and therefore completed).

We are investigating and will make more tests, it was working fine for months and we didn’t change this part but obviously something has changed. Do you use 1.1.9 or 1.2.0b1 ?

We have been able to solve it by updating one library that we use for Dropbox upload.

Will be fixed in 1.2.0b2

Please give a try to 1.2.0 beta 2.

It should fix the problem:

Installed the update now, but now i get "No video stream to display"
Removed the camera and added it again, but no success.