Dropbox Offloading - Power Rename


New to Netcam studio, loving it though. About to put 2 servers in for a client which 100 cameras.

One question, though, we are using DropBox to sync the video library. Have noticed from the event logs that NCS is having issues trying to delete files from DropBox. This is when the initial library retention policy has hit.

Is there any way to stop NCS deleting from the offload repository? We want to have two different retention policies for the storage. So, the onsite storage is only a few days, with DropBox storage being 60 days.

Luckily, its having issues deleting the files…but, I don’t want it to try at all.



If you connect to Dropbox from NCS it will delete files there as well. As I wrote in the other post I suggest that you have an intermediate process to make each recording unique and then copy to Dropbox.
If you put a 0 in days what happens?

Just found this Microsoft Power Toys
For renaming of files check out Power Rename