Dutch translation in Android app not Dutch


When you set the app language to Dutch, it displays the Dansk language.


Hi Mitch!
Thanks for the information. I will forward this to our developers.

Fixed in the code, will be fixed in the next release. Thanks for reporting.

Cool! Any ETA for that release?



Unfortunately no, because at this stage it’s the only change since the released version and I’m not really motivated to push an update just for this change…

Euh… ok then. Hope you’ll find the motivation sooner or later to publish this bugfix :wink:

Well most users expect “interesting” changes when an update for a mobile app is available and here unfortunately nobody ever noticed this problem so it’s not critical and it will at least wait until there are new languages available or other changes…

Hi Steve,

well, the probably I’m 1 of your first customers in Dutch area, so that looks promising for your gain of market share ;).

It is however I suppose that it’s not blocking or preventing you to use the app in english in the meantime.

It may also be a good motivation to learn Danish :slight_smile:

  • some corrections for Dutch:

txtLogout: ‘Uitloggen’ instead of "Uit loggent"
txtClient: ‘Cliënt’ instead of ‘Client’