E-mailing motion detection


Yes, that would be a great feature to pull in people that are familiar with the convenience of it… I also understand the security concern/perspective. One way “other vendors” who provide this type of convenience (url links to the actual video clip), get around or minimize risk is by limiting the view time of the url to expire after 12-24 hours … the recordings are still available on “storage” for you to drill into if you want but the advertised link gives an expiration notice after a short period of time explaining that the video is still available but requires you to login to your storage. This feature is really awesome because it allows immediate collaboration sharing and alerting among the team of people monitoring the motion detection… and even allows easy sharing with less technically savvy. (ie… grandma who needs/wants to see but only knows how to click links on her new smart device). I would love to help or stay informed on this effort if it could be considered …


Oh, I forgot to answer your inquiry about what hardware I plan to use … up until now, i’ve been running on 3rd party NVRs designed to handle 16 HD (4K cameras) … but for this project, I’ve already purchased a Supermicro Server (SYS-E200-8D) with a 6 core Intel® Xeon® CPU D-1528 @ 1.90GHz processor. I’m not sure if the amount of memory makes a difference in terms of IP cameras but I also use this server to run VMs sop I’ve beefed it up with 128 GB’s of RAM as well. I haven’t installed NCS server on the new hardware yet… currently, I am just testing NCS (client and server locally) on an OK Win10 desktop with a subset of cameras…


Thanks for info.
Just be aware of that 16 cameras running at 4K use a lot of processor power so think of what is important like FPS, bandwidth, recording FPS etc.