E-mailing motion detection


Hello I’m using NCS 1.6.2 (64bit) for a couple weeks now and finally have everything configured. I do have a strange issue with motion detection. After the first e-mail all e-mail afterwards are having the same image as in e-mail number 1???

Anyone knows what I’m doing wrong?



Hi Marcel,
No, I don’t have this. Do you have a clock running in the video so you can see that it really is the same picture?
Otherwise, do a restart.


Hi Henrik,

Same picture but different times, have done several restarts. But I might be misunderstanding how this works since you are talking about a video. I just get a image in my e-mail. It states what time it was taken above the picture. I have time enabled for my camera’s but it doesn’t show on the image itself when it is taken.



Please see 2 examples below these are all the first image captured today at later times




Hi Marcel,
Sorry for the confusion, but as you say in the email it is only an image from the camera that was triggered.
That certainly seems to be the same picture used in both emails. If you look in the Library at these two occasions. Is it the same picture also or is it 2 different pictures?

This is how my email looks like. If you can set a time as OSD direct in the camera that time will follow all the way so you can have three timestamps that should match. What can happen is that the stream from the camera is frozen and the motion detection is not detected by movement, but of electrical noise instead.

So compare the actual video recordings in the Library from these two occasions.



Hi Henrik,

That is the interesting part, nothing is beings saved to my library. Also I noticed that my says motion detected and yours says alert.
I have the osd time enabled to see if it tells us something. I am using the 64 bit version btw.



In the Rule Manager make sure that you have this


Hi Henrik,

That was it after creating these rules and enabling them it works.

thanks again.



Hello, same problem appeared to me too, after removing recording in motion. I am receiving emails with the same 1st picture (After every server restart). I am wondering why is it a “must have” to enable Recording on Motion in order to overcome the “lag” of picture? I prefer timelapse recording in multiple pictures for every motion detection, instead of video recording - a solution i found because i do not want to record the sound of the camera in video recording.



Test to use Event type: Motion Start and Action Type: Start Timelaps. Corresponding for Stop.


Hi Henrik,

thanks for your answer. This is exactly how it is set up. But the picture attached in mails, remains the same. If i enable video recording it fixes. :thinking:
If i log in from mobile app or another web browser in client, under library everything is ok though.

Only the picture attached in email lags, and there is no “Alert Mail”. I only receive “Motion Detection” email.



Hi Stelios,
Reason for this is that you do not want to have audio in the recordings from motion detection. I suggest the following. Since you do have both video and audio you have connected the camera with rtsp to NCS. I am quite certain that the camera also delivers an MJPEG stream. That stream contains only video. Connect that MJPEG to NCS also. So camera1 is rtsp with audio and video for live viewing. Camera2 is connected to NCS with mjpeg for motion detection.
What camera is it?



Thank you very much for your advises. Camera is connected with OnVif Protocol, with rtsp. When i tried to connect it through MJPEG i get that beautiful red screen with connection failed message… :disappointed_relieved:

But in order to try what you are suggesting, if i understand correct, you are saying i should try to connect the same camera twice in NCS, with different protocol ?

Camera is Ctvison https://www.ebay.com/itm/Ctvison-Wifi-camera-intercom-2-Way-Audio-IP-Wireless-Surveillance-P2P-IR-Night-V/222863125642?hash=item33e3ad6c8a:g:pkAAAOSweNNZmkRu

@admins: just pasted the link for the technical data not for advertising. if this is a problem excuse me and please remove the link.



Yes, the idea is to connect the camera twice, one with the rtsp protocol and the other with mjpeg protocol.
I checked the specs for the camera and it only says h.264 and no mjpeg so that is probably why you get the red screen.
When you use the tab for ONVIF Source what choices do you have? If you have mjpeg there use that and connect. Then go to the tab for Custom URL. There you should have a stream type and Address. What are these?

You can also test to add the camera using the predefined templates. Use Foscam and then test different models if it might work.


Tried to attached images to be more easy but i could not upload more than one.

so under ONVIF tab i only have Mainstream JPEG, Mainstream RTSP_UDP, Substream JPEG, Substream RTSP_UDP. Camera is only working with RTSP_UDP choice.

Custom URL choices:


and under Stream Type i have,

Thats all. can i change something in custom URL so to enable only MJPEG, or should i start experiment with some predefined templates?


This is tricky! These cameras are not so easy to work with. When you select Mainstream JPEG what do you have in Custom URL?
You can test with Foscam.
Do you really need audio at all?


if i select Mainstream jpeg the custom url is www.gwelltimes.com/manage/Upload/Pic/20147914514701.jpg
googling it i did not find anything useful…
Since i do not need any sound at all, i am thinking of opening the camera and disconnect the mic…


Excellent suggestion that will disable all our headaches :slight_smile:


Hello Henrik,

I am new to NCS but I gotta say, i love it… I’ve been testing the free version and now I don’t think I could ever go back to a BOX NVR KIT. I just love this software and how flexible it is … Over the years I’ve purchased many different DVR and NVR “kits” from different vendors but now I want more flexibility. I think NCS is what I’m looking for. I already know I’ll need the licensed version (not sure if I’ll go with 16 or the 64 camera version yet… is there any benefit to going with the biggest license? ) but so far I have 12 cameras (mixed 4k, 2k and 1K) and I could see adding 6 more so I need/want the multi-threading to handle that workload on my server right (I think I read a license is required for the multi-threading feature)? I have a new physical x64bit 2012R2 server that I plan to run the NetCamStudio X from and I’m almost ready to pull the trigger on the license but before I do, I’m really hoping someone will tell me there is already a way to configure the motion detection emails to include a video link to the actual video that triggered the motion alert (similar to how the ArloPro2 does in their notices… I JUST know there is some easy way to do it using a combination of the global variable and the HTML generator tools that come with NCS. If someone could share that solution with me there would be NO reason for me (or anyone else IMO) to consider other 3rd party kits out there. Thanks in advance… /msb


Thanks for the kind words! We like it too :slight_smile:
-16 or 64 licenses. Only plan for the future what you might need.
-multi-threading will probably help for the recording of files when you have HD cams.
-what CPU load do you have when running 12 cams with mixed resolutions?
-what CPU do you use? HD cams use a lot of CPU power so check what happens when adding the other cams. CPU´s with many cores and threads are in general very good for this type of softwares.
-emails including a link is not there today, but an excellent suggestions if it passes security, … This have been up to discussion before so I have to look into this.