Easier way to delete entries from the Library?

I get a lot of false recording entries in my Library within Netcam Studio on Windows, mainly bugs flying in front of the IR camera late at night. Anyway, when I want to delete these, it is very tedious; I have to (1)Click the entry, then (2)Right-Click the entry, then (3) select “Remove” from the popup menu, then (4) Click ‘Yes’ to the “Are you sure” dialog.

What I would like to be able to do is (1)Click an entry, then (2)press the Delete key on my keyboard…and it goes away.
Moreso, I’d like to be able to multiple-select entries (using CTRL+Click, or Click-n-Drag) and then press the Delete key to remove them all at once!

Am I missing something, or does this capability just not exist?


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How I delete them from my library, is I save the files to a specific folder, and select all and delete them from the server.

I have used Explorer to delete the files, but it doesn’t give me the info that the Netcam Studio UI does to determine if I want to delete it or not. So I’d like to have a faster way of removing lots of items from within the UI.

Anyone listening?

With 1.2.7 (I don’t know about previous versions), in the Windows client, you can just go in te list view, select all items you need (with Ctrl key or Shift key for a range of records) and do a right click > remove.

It seems that in the gallery view, you can just use Ctrl to select multiple items one by one but the right/clic > remove functionnality is working as well.

For false positives, I had the same problem. Ii just changed the motion algorythm to Blob detection and set motion sensitivity to low.