EasyN FS-613A-M136 - no audio

Not sure if this is a driver issue on my windows 7 or the camera issue but I am not receiving any audio (audio preset is greyed out). The audio works when I view the camera using internet explorer (after the ActiveX installation prompt). Any suggestions?

Hi! Adding the camera with the template use the video preset jpeg or mjpeg. These formats are image formats and do not include audio. To include audio the camera must be added using the Custom URL. If you do a search on the Internet on this camera audio seems to be a problem apart from browsers. To my knowledge the camera do not support mpeg4 or h.264 that includes audio in streaming. Here are url that some people use to get audio

I am not sure if this will work in Netcam Studio since it is always tricky to find the correct URL especially to get audio to work. Do some test and please report back how it goes to share with others.

After doing some digging, found this one to work both video and audio (caveat coming) with the camera.


Using the regular template, I used get around 11 fps for video only but using the above on custom URL, I only get between 3 and 5 fps. It may require a variable to change that because obviously the audio works but it’s not usable due to the choppiness.

The video/audio works perfectly when using Active-x on IE Browser so
there must be a way to overcome this and hope it’s just a simple setting tweak.

By choppiness, I mean the clicking sounds so I am guessing it’s due to low frame rate? Not sure if sound and frame rate is related but any guidance would be great too on this.

The problem is that the camera deliver audio over http and then let IE and ActiveX handle this. Can you use another browser like Firefox or Chrome with the same result?
The choppiness is probably due to use of the wrong codec. The audio sent by the camera is 4-bit ADPCM, which is extremely compressed. I am not sure if NCS can handle this.
The camera is according to sources very similar to Foscam FI8908W. NCS have a template for that. Check if that works. It is only MJPEG.
Have you tested if it works with VLC?
I also found this with audio:

If you can make it work with VLC then the chance it will work in NCS is high.