Edimax IC-7001 W audio will not work

I have the Edimax IC-7001w(which is not in the supported cam list) incl Audio, but I am not able to connect with working mic! Video is easy I can select similar Edimax cams and it works well…

How can I manage this maybe by connecting via RTSP?? But how??

Thanks for your help…

Hi there!
According to the specifications this camera only support MJPEG which includes video, but no audio. To have video and audio in the same stream it needs to support h.264 or MPEG4. In Edimax own software they have video and audio, but then they use 2 different streams, probably rtsp for video and http for audio. How they do that is a secret of Edimax.

However, if you go to the configuration of the camera you have a menu called RTSP that I found in the manual.

There you have how to connect to the camera, but if that also includes audio I do not know. Add the camera using the Custom URL:
-set Stream type to rtsp_tcp
-use this URL rtsp://username:password@ipnumber:554/ipcam_mjpeg.sdp

This should at least give you video. This do not include PTZ.

you can also try this:

Check also if there is a new firmware for the camera on EDIMAX - Download

Sometimes they upgrade the cameras to have more features.

Good luck!