Edit the profile file ipcams.wml

Hello! I apologize for my English. Trying to connect to your WebcamXP IP camera Wanscam HW0036. Choose the profile Wanscam JW0004, video works fine, but turns the PTZ camera moves, and until it stops. And this rotation cannot be stopped in an intermediate position.
Wanted to edit the profile in the file ipcams.wml to specify the correct URL for rotating the camera, but don’t know how the URL string is encrypted in this file. If not a secret tell me what the encryption algorithm?

We are maintaining this file, therefore not sharing the way it’s encrypted.

If you know the command to STOP the camera after is receives a MOVE order, then provide us this information and we can fix the template accordingly.


Well. Here are the commands to manage the camera:






CENTER (in fact, alignment)

If you remove the option “onestep”, then the camera will rotate in the specified direction until it stops or until you enter the STOP command. With this option, the camera will rotate in steps of a few degrees.

Which template are you using ?

Because we don’t have a specific template for HW0036 from what I see.

As I wrote above I use the template Wanscam JW0004.

So where and when can we download the modified file ipcams.wml?

Please try with:

Thank you. Now camera Wanscam HW0036 (when using a new profile HW0006) works adequately in Webcamxp. A clone of this camera: X-Gadgets HW036 also working properly. If there are new version of your program, you can fix a bug with the triggering of the motion detector while pivoting the camera, a temporary outage (for a couple of seconds) detector after clicking the rotate button.

I’m also trying to get the Wanscam HW0036 to work with WebcamXP/webcam7. The link for the template is dead, would it be possible to upload it again ? Many thanks

Hi there,
We are a little busy in the forum just now so I am not sure if got any help yet or not.
Test to use the template for Wanscam HW0036 and Wanscam JW0004.

I would say that the template is now included in webcamXP.

The link about was from 2015 however we did a webcamXP refresh last year with the new templates so this one should be available.

Of cause I checked and the template for Wanscam HW0036 is not in current version of WebcamXP/7 or NCS.