El cheapo cam on NetCam

I bought this spy cam on ebay, Mini Spy Camera Wireless Wifi IP Security Camcorder HD 1080P DV DVR Night Vision | eBay but I can’t get it connected to netcam. I figured out via developers tools of Chrome browser that the stream url is Is there a way to connect this camera?

You did a great job finding the URL with Chrome. I usually use Wireshark, but I will remember this one!
Unfortunately, according to the specifications the streaming video format is AVI which Netcam Studio not support. It’s a rather old format that’s rarely used any more, but considering the price of the camera and also that avi use very little compression I understand why it is used here.
Check if you can find an avi to mjpeg converter. Then you can use the stream in NCS. Look at VLC which is sort of a Swiss knife.
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Those type of cameras usually use the same chip as V380 rtsp://
Search in the forum for V380 and how to patch the firmware if it lacks rtsp support.


I did the V380 upgrade, but no sigar. NetCam camera browser finds the camera with only port 80 open.

Then it’s not a V380 type camera as those never have any HTTP access thru port 80.
The Ebay ad says it has Onvif. Have you tried the Onvif device manager to see what info that can be extracted from it? If it supports Onvif streams it could be a string like rtsp:// that might work.