Email alerting based on CAM

Hello There,

Is it possible to Activate different Emai-Recipients for Motion Detection based on the Streams?


Hi There!
Interesting question. I assume that you mean:

  1. MoDet on cam 1 -> send email to recip A
  2. MoDet on cam 2 - > send email to recip B
    That is not possible today in the Netcam Studio Service. Using the Rule manager you can send info which cam that trigger motion detection, but it is always to the same recipient or maybe several if one put several recipients in the filed AddressTo.
    However, if you run the version Netcam Studio X (server) you can in the Rule manager use the option RunApp when motion is detected for a specific cam. This is just an idea, but maybe it is possible to start an external email application and in the field Arguments pass a specific email address. If that will work or not I do not know. Just an idea.