Email has no Image

Hi Folks

I have setup email and Notifications and the motion detection on each camera, however when the email arrives to my email account (hotmail) the text is there but there isnt a snapshot \ capture from the camera just the default watermark that comes with the product. Ihave also set the interval to 300 seconds as suggested on another post. Am I missing something??

Hi Rob!
Here is how it works. You receive the test mail so that works.

  1. all cams are on motion detection.
  2. email notification = on, cam rule = off
    I receive an email with a summary of what cams have been triggered since the last time. Pictures are included.
  3. email notification = on, cam rule for 1 cam = on
    I receive an email immediately when that cams motion detection is triggered. No picture. Text is the text that I entered in the Value of the Rule. No summary email like in alternative 2. No email for any other cam.

Do you have the thumbnail for the file in the actuall folder of the Library?

Hi Henrick

The test is coming through without an image on also, I have it set email notification = on, cam rule = off, I did at first setup rules but have removed them after reading their behaviour on here.

In the email. Is there a frame that tells it should be an image there?
Check if the thumbnail is generated. In the Event log there you can see if there is a text like “thumbnail not generated …” Check also in the folder for thumbnails that they are there.