Email not working with GMail..Help

Hello…Is anyone else having issues with the email feature working? I am using the webcamXP PRO trial right now. I set my Gmail settings and use the Send button to test. The log shows “E-mail Logs…Email Thread Started…>> Adding cam_1.jpg.” Nothing is ever sent out. I have waited a bit as well. If I hit the Send button again, the whole application locks up and requires me to kill it.

I have some other backup software that uses these same Gmail settings with success.

Any thoughts? This is a feature I would like to see work, if I am going to pay for this application.

Thank You.

Can you please try using port 587 (TLS instead of SSL) ?

Did you fix your problem with the suggested solution from the admin ???
I have allmost the same problem.

Gmail have increased the security of their email accounts. Check your account and select the lower level of security. Netcam studio have the same problem and it seems to be solved with changing the security level of the mail account.

I did follow the Admin advice. As henrik also stated, I had to lower my Google security settings as well, to allow third party software access to it.

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Thanks for your feedback!